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Designing the Tampa Bay Area’s Perfect Outdoor Living Space

The Tampa Bay area has long been known as a great beach destination, lots of sunshine, numerous sandy beaches, and that fabulous sea breeze. There is never a shortage of exciting and fun outdoor activities to be enjoyed. But maybe, by creating an incredible outdoor living space, you can have the most fun right in your own backyard. Backyard entertaining of family and friends is a great (and affordable) way to celebrate an outdoor

lifestyle in the Tampa Bay area.

 5 Ideas for Turning Your Backyard Into a Relaxing Entertainment Oasis
Who needs extra indoor square footage when you see what you can create to your backyard?

Idea #1: The Covered Lanai
As you move from inside to outside, a lanai is a partially covered place to escape direct sunlight, a great place to relax and entertain. Your lanai should have light, yet sturdy furniture that can be rearranged as necessary. Don’t rely on bright lighting that can bother your neighbors and place you and your friends on “center stage”. Use solar or low-voltage lights to enhance your after-dark gatherings.

 Idea #2: An Outdoor Kitchen
With the Tampa Bay area’s fabulous weather, homeowners always have the option of cooking outdoors. A built-in grill with a prep counter and a storage space for supplies like paper towels and grilling tools is more than sufficient. If possible, maybe add a small beverage cooler so that there is no need to go inside to get that next cold drink.

 Idea #3: Electronic Entertainment
With an outdoor television, stereo components, and an outdoor movie projector there is no need to run back inside to watch the big game or enjoy one of your favorite movies. It is important to use electronics that are designed for the outdoors. Otherwise, they may be susceptible to damage from exposure to the elements.

 Idea #4: Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit
You may not need a fireplace or a fire pit for warmth in South Florida, but nothing sets the mood for a relaxing evening, chatting with friends and family.  You can go all-out and hire a professional or take the DIY approach. With a little searching you can find a fireplace or fire pit to fit any budget.

 Idea #5: Water Features
There is no doubt that the sound of falling water can be calming and relaxing. Outdoor water features are a simple way of adding beauty and tranquility to your backyard. They are great at drowning out unpleasant and unwanted noises, like the neighbor’s loud music or the sound of that lawnmower two yards down. And even better, water features will require a lot less work than what is needed to maintain plants and landscaping.

 Memories Are Forever
You don’t have to always “get away” on lavish vacations or expensive outings to enjoy that fabulous Florida lifestyle. There are many great memories that can be created with family and friends right in your own backyard, most of them for less than the cost of a week at Disney World. And after your initial investment in any one of these ideas, you will be able to enjoy them for the many years to come.

Article Courtesy of Karl Kennedy
Author of ProjectorTop.com